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We Provide Orthodontics for Patients of All Ages!

Orthodontics is the practice of aligning and straightening teeth to improve the health of your mouth, correct problems with your bite, and achieve a smile that can make you more confident. Improving the appearance of your smile has the potential to increase self-esteem. We are able to correct overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowding, crooked teeth, and impacted teeth. We use a variety of orthodontic appliances to move teeth and jaws, and modify growth. Our office offers metal braces, clear braces, and clear aligners (Invisalign®).

Today’s metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before. Many patients enjoy choosing different colored ties to show their personality, support a team, or celebrate a holiday. We use one of the smallest brackets available.




Micro Arch®

Approximately 30% smaller than more traditional style brackets, Micro Arch® brackets enable patients to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile less noticeably and more comfortably. With it’s low profile and smooth finish, Micro Arch® offers superior patient comfort and also assists the patient in maintaining good oral hygiene. These brackets are made with aerospace quality steel, which provides superior strength compared to other brackets made with other materials.





Clear Braces- In-Ovation® C(Clear)

Clear braces are as affective as traditional braces while blending with the color of the teeth. Adults and teenagers often consider this option as an alternative to metal braces.



Invisalign® enables patients to straighten their teeth and correct bites without the food restrictions and additional oral hygiene associated with traditional braces. Custom-made aligners are fabricated according to an individually designed plan developed by Dr. Silversmith using Invisalign® software. The aligners are made of soft plastic that guides the tooth movement. Some people may not even notice you are wearing the aligners. A new aligner is started about every two weeks, yet office visits can still be scheduled every 6 weeks. Dr. Silversmith has over 10 years of experience using Invisalign® and continues to study new innovations and techniques developed by leading doctors.