Treatment Visits

We understand how busy you are and how many responsibilities you have. We value your time and make every effort to accommodate your schedule. During orthodontic treatment, most visits will be less than 30 minutes, with few longer visits that are one hour or more. We strive to start and complete every visit on time. In order to accomplish these goals, we ask you to understand that longer visits will need to be during work and school hours so that shorter visits will be available to you at the popular times of the day (late afternoon). If time is needed out of school, we have school excuse notes available. Thank you for your understanding.


Insurance benefits help make orthodontics accessible to many people. If you have insurance benefits that contribute to the cost of orthodontic treatment, our office will contact your insurance carrier directly to coordinate payment. Our office will inform you of the insurance benefit available at the start of treatment to estimate your financial contribution. Changes to your insurance benefit may alter the amount that will be covered and your financial responsibility may be higher or lower. You will be informed of any changes as soon as we know all the information needed to modify your agreement. Please help us by providing all insurance changes as soon as possible.

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